How can I create Houses for my PBIS teams?

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“Houses” are a very popular way to organize a PBIS initiative, but there are a few different options for awarding house points in PBIS Rewards. This article explains creating houses using the traditional group, but there is also the option of using specialized house groups.

1. If you want no students to actually be awarded the house points and the points to belong only to the house team, create an artificial student to represent the team.

For example,  you create a student and name it Red Team. You will then award points to the student named Red Team to represent the points earned by that house.

To create a student, select Students from the left-side menu and select the plus sign. Fill out the information and save it.

Add New Student

2. If you want each student to actually receive the points, create a group.

Create a group for your house team. Add all of the students in the Red Team in a group named Red Team. When you want to award points to the Red Team, you select that group and award all the students that are in the Red Team group.

To create a new group, from the left-side “Main Menu” choose “Groups”, then click the plus sign. This will create a group assigned to the current user.

Add Group

3. What if you want the student individually to be awarded the points and you want a student representing the team to be awarded points?

You can do a combination of both. Make a group named Red Team and then also make a student named Red Team. Put the false student in the group with the other students that are on the Red Team. Then, when you select to award all the students on the Red Team, your false student representing the group will be awarded the points also.

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