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SEL/Status Check: How it Works Note: Video may display a previous version of the software. See article below for more recent images.


The PBIS Rewards SEL/Status Check feature allows staff members or students to check and track the ready-to-learn state of students in order to help students recognize and manage their emotions.

SEL/Status Check from the Web Portal

SEL/Status Check from the Staff App

SEL/Status Check from the Web Portal:

A staff member can view and record SEL/Status Checks for the students that they have in a group/class.

  1. Navigate to a group.
  2. Select all students or individual students.
  3. Press the “SEL/Status Check” button and choose to view SEL/Status checks or to submit SEL/Status checks.
  4. If you choose to view SEL/Status checks you can see some details concerning the students selected.
  5. Use the arrows next to the column name to sort the data.
  6. Select the student’s name to see all of that student’s SEL/Status Checks from the student dashboard, if the appropriate permissions are activated.
  7. Click the “SEL/Status Guide” button to view/print the SEL/Status Check definitions.
  8. The “Check Now” button will allow staff to submit a SEL/Status Check for that student.
SEL/Status Check Group View

A staff member can record an SEL/Status check for any student in the school from the “Home” page.

  1. Search for and select a student.
  2. From the student card, select the current blue highlighted SEL/Status record.
  3. On the view screen, press the “Check Now” button to submit a SEL/Status Check.
  4. From the SEL/Status Check Submissions window, choose the appropriate status based on a conversation with the student.
  5. Enter a comment if applicable.
  6. Use the “Submit” button to finalize the SEL/Status Check.

SEL/Status Check from the Staff App:

Staff members can see their student’s last SEL/Status Check and submit a status directly from the groups page of the staff app.

  1. Select the SEL/Status tab in a group
  2. Select the disposition for the new check and the applicable students
  3. Select “Confirm SEL Status”
  4. Submit the Group SEL by choosing “Yes”
  5. Select the emoji or blue link to open up the view status page on a particular student
  6. On the view status page you can see past SEL/Status Checks or view the SEL/Status Check Guide. Press the “New SEL Check” button to set a new SEL/ Status Check
  7. Choose the appropriate status
  8. Add a comment if applicable
  9. Select the “Confirm Status” button to finalize the status

Student Self SEL/Status Check

SEL: Student Self SEL/Status Check

Article: Admin Setup – SEL/Status Check

Article: Admin Setup – SEL/Status Check

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