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Interventions: (CICO) How it Works-Teacher Focus

CICO Staff

CICO Coach

CICO Staff

Check a student as a teacher

A teacher can check-in a student for the class period from the web portal or the app. The instructions below are for the web portal.

  1. From the Main Menu, choose CICO Teacher.
  2. Search for a student by typing at least three characters from anywhere in the student’s name or select a group name to reveal students that are in each group and have a CICO plan. The number on the badge represents the number of students that might need a check-in.
  3. Select the class period from the drop-down.
  4. Record the appropriate amount of points for the selected student.
  5. Add comments, if desired.
  6. Press the “Submit” button to finalize the check-in.
Teacher Check

Keep track of your students with a check-in/check-out plan digitally within PBIS Rewards. You can customize each student’s check-in/check-out to fit their needs. Teachers will have quick access to their students who are participating in a check-in/check-out plan. PBIS Rewards allows your plans to be completely digital with configurable goals! By going digital with your plans, student progress is visible to coaches all throughout the day. This provides an opportunity for coaching in real time and gives you the ability to recognize when to intervene. You will also have reporting available at a per-student level.

CICO Coach

Interventions: (CICO) How it Works-Coach Focus

Set up a CICO Plan as a CICO Coach

From the Main Menu, choose Coach Check-In/Check-Out.

CICO Coach

From the CICO Coach Daily Plan page take the following steps to start a new student plan:

  1. Select “Start New Plan.”
  2. Search for the student by typing at least three characters from the student’s name.
  3. “Set Day 1”: This will be the first day to record CICO information for the student.
  4. Use the drop-down to select a “Default Coach” for this student. Note that all coaches will be able to complete check-in and check-out for all students with plans.
  5. Set the number of classes per day where “Teacher Check-In” will need to be completed. Select from 1 to 10 classes.
  6. Set the frequency of checkouts with the CICO Coach.
  7. Decide if you want the points recorded in the plan to be automatically added to the student’s point balance.
  8. Select goals using the drop-down.
  9. Select “Save” to keep your selections.
Start Plan

Now you are ready to start the student’s plan. Select “Start Plan.”

Start Plan

Note: If you are starting a plan the same day, clicking on “Start Plan” will act as their check-in for the day.

  1. You can adjust the number of classes where the student will check-in with the teacher.
  2. Edit Class Labels
  3. Decide if you want the points recorded in the plan to be automatically added to the student’s point balance.
  4. Use the “Add a Goal” drop-down to select an additional goal.
  5. Define the “Points Goal.” This will be the number of points that the Coach and student decide upon. Keep in mind that the Points Goal is the total for all goals and all classes, you can use the “Maximum Points Possible” as a way to see the total points possible.
  6. Record a comment, if desired.
  7. Select “Submit” to start the plan.
    • Setting the date for today will result in a plan with a “Check-Out” button, ready for the end of the school day.
    • Setting the date for a future date will result in a plan with a “Future Plan” button. The button will read “Check-In” at the start of the specified date.

Edit a CICO Plan

Select the pencil icon next to a plan to edit, the options include:

  1. Change the default coach with the drop-down
  2. The default number of classes with the drop-down
  3. Change the frequency of Check-Ins with a coach
  4. Close the plan by selecting a “Yes” options from the drop-down
  5. Select “Save” to keep your changes
Edit a CICO Plan
Edit CICO Plan

*If the CICO Plan has not yet started. You can change the Day 1 date, the default coach, and/or the default classes per day. You can also Delete this CICO Plan.

Your plans are now ready for each of the teachers to check-in students throughout the day.

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