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Teacher Rewards: How it Works Note: Video may display a previous version of the software. See article below for more recent images.

Staff members can recommend points for other staff members and request points for themselves. From the main menu of the PBIS Rewards web portal select the “Teacher Rewards” tab.

Recommend Points

You can recommend points for someone else from the home page (The Wall). Use the convenient header to access these features and more. Let’s award some points.

Use “Home” to reach The Wall. Select “Recommend” and then search for the staff member to be awarded.


Once the individual is selected, then choose the point definition to be awarded from one of the School Value categories.

Point Definition

Fill in the details and then check “Post to Wall” so that others will know about the acknowledgment. Select “Send Recommendation” and the points will be awarded immediately or be sent to an approver to be reviewed, depending upon the Approval Option selected in Manage Organization.

Send Recommendation

Another place where you can award points is on the “Groups” page. Select “Groups” from the header and then “Employee Groups.” An “All Staff” group is available. There, you can award points much like in PBIS Rewards. Select the users who will receive points (their cards will then be blue-green) and then “Give Points” to select how the points were earned.


Clicking “Give Points” will result in a pop-up where you will add a comment for the wall and select how the points were earned.

Point Comments

Request Points

You can request points for meeting expectation. From the home page select the “Request” tab above the wall feed.

Request Points

Then choose the appropriate point category from the dropdown lists.

Point Definition

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