I can’t find my school in the Staff App search?

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The PBIS Rewards Staff App may be in test or demo mode. To fix that, open the Staff App and follow these steps.

  1. Press and hold the red/yellow/blue logo icon at the top of the app for about 15 seconds until a message appears asking you to select your environment
  2. Choose the option “Production”
  3. The app should reset, but if prompted, select “Log Out”
  4. Sign into the Staff App with an Authorization Code or Email and Password

Notes for Apple Users:

  • If your device shows “Share, Save to Photos, etc” continue to hold the spot where the logo originally was until you get the pop-up
  • If the “Share, Save to Photos, etc” remains after you select “Production,” just tap on Staff App login screen which will now be in the background

Staff App

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