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The following is a list of updates for releases 2.0 through 2.5.6. (Aug. 2015 – July 2016)

  • Added this change log.
  • Interface updates to make the desktop application more uniform.
  • Changed the word Teacher to Staff.
  • Added an export feature to the events page.
  • Added advanced referral system
  • Gave all staff members the ability to update photos
  • Added print cards, labels and parent letters from the my group screen
  • Addressed style issues present in Internet Explorer
  • Added detention as a redirection on referrals
  • Added a password and information recovery process
  • Emails will now go out to all referral admin when creating a new referral if the ‘Send Email’ check box is checked.
  • Can now delete a referral.
  • Moved ‘Detention’ to Administrative Actions
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling could stop working when pressing X to close a popup.
  • Fixed a bug where adjustments would allow negative totals
  • Fixed a bug that would cause store items with apostrophes to break.
  • Fixed various other bugs
  • Created a new Student Summary Report Generator
  • New Support Site Added
  • Guides: Five guides will inform you of the different features PBIS Rewards has to offer via the smartphone app and the desktop portal.
  • FAQ: Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.
  • News: Stay updated on the latest features and upgrades we are making.
  • Added a Password Strength meter
  • Added grade to events to limit events to specific grades
  • Added Pre-K to grade list
  • Added Auto check in for events
  • Overriding an event now deducts points
  • Can remove students from an event (points are refunded)- Only effects events after patch date
  • Changed photos to square on the my groups page
  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Staff and Student page layout improvements
  • Fixed bug with event being on the same day not showing in the list.
  • Added New Report: Daily Point Goals Report
  • Added New Report: Points Awarded by Staff – Summary
  • Daily Point Goals report no longer pick up inactive staff
  • Inactive staff members are no longer showing up in the Teacher Dashboard
  • Should now be able to adjust student balance if their balance is zero.
  • A staff member who meets their Daily Point Goal exactly, should now appear on the DPG report donut graph
  • Labels now print alphabetically from a group page
  • Order of grades on the student page is now alphabetical (so that 9th grade comes before 10th)
  • Points awarded is no longer showing up on the student pop up.
  • Advanced Referrals are now ordered correctly
  • Added a sign out button to the group lock out page

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