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This release is focused on making it easier for our current school to “Re-Launch” at the begging of the year and bringing a new name and look to our parent app.

Must See Information:

The Parent App has a new look and new name, the PBIS Rewards Family App.

Family App splash screen, student select screen and student info screen

The new Family App is now available in Spanish!

Family App – select language screen, select student screen in Spanish, translated message (Google Translate)

Other Great Stuff

In-Session Calendar, Academic Year and Contact Rolls are combined in the new School Information tab

School Info, Academic Year, In-Session Calendar and Contact Roles all on the School Information Page

Raffles/Drawings can now have a total entries limit, in order to create a group or class goal. 

Admin can now see the average points per group from the “Points by Expectation” report (CSV) or “Points Today” report (if you are a school that doesn’t use expectations).

Faster re-launch for renewing schools! We removed the Launch Wizard for schools that are returning.

Syncing for groups can be turned off (Clever).

Name of the school has been added to launch emails and Launch Wizard.

The Ethnicities tab has been moved to the Options page in Settings.

Manual schools will be able to add students with the “Add All Students” button, on the Students page, more than once.

The phone number column on the parent importer has been moved to the end because it is not required.

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