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This release is highlighted by a brand-new Student Portal as well as the ability to track staff streaks for logging in, rewarding points and reaching the daily point goal!

Must See Information:

The brand-new Student Portal design will help students navigate their information quickly and easily.

New features include:

  • a way to see all the comments that staff members have attached to points
  • the ability to favorite items in the stores so that they can have easy access to the things they are working towards or buy most often
  • alert indicators are visible when new information has been added.
The new Student Web Portal home page.

Staff Streaks allow staff members to track their own fidelity by seeing how many school days in a row they have logged in, awarded a point, or reached their Daily Point Goal.

Staff Streaks show how many days in a row you have interacted with PBIS Rewards.

Other Great Stuff:

  • School Store hours by day of the week
Add school store hours by day from the settings menu.
  • Additional Default group point sounds added to the web portal
Change the group point sound from the settings button.
  • Admin can send an all school message to all family members connected to the family app
Send an all school message from the Family Link tab.
  • The group QR code can be printed separately from the “Group Print” menu
Print the group QR code from the Settings button under group print
  • Additional languages added to the Family App (French, German, Korean)
Select the Language on the student selection page to choose a new language

All of the other things:

  • Clever users in multiple schools will be able to select and enter schools where they have SSO
  • Events in the Family App will be displayed in the correct calendar order
  • Printing of the “Test Student” badge is now possible
  • Release 9.8 Included an update to php 8.1 and a change from TCpdf to DomPDF

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Article: Release 9.6 (9-26-2022)

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