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Reward: Staff Web Portal Note: Video may display a previous version of the software. See article below for more recent images.

The main home page for PBIS Rewards allows you to award points to any individual student in the school.

This page can be accessed from the “Home” tab located at the top of the left-side Main Menu, you can also select the PBIS Rewards logo to reach this page.

  1. Use the search box to type the name of a student and then select the student from the dropdown list.
  2. Once the student is selected you can choose an expectation(s) or point number
  3. Add a comment in the text field (not required)
  4. Press the “REWARD” button to give the points
Reward on the Web Portal

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Feeling Overwhelmed Video

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with knowing exactly where to start with PBIS Rewards? Well, have no fear. Have less stress and more success by focusing on logging in, rewarding, and one method of redeeming with PBIS Rewards.