Why do I have too many students? (Syncing Schools Only)

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Since you are seeing more students in PBIS Rewards than what you actually have in your school, it may be that your students were imported from Clever/ClassLink prior to rosters being updated there. If you are the Primary or Secondary Advocate, you can correct this by setting all of your students to “Inactive,” then resyncing your students to sync in only the students currently shared through Clever/ClassLink. Please note that while students are marked inactive, they will not be able to be awarded points!

  1. Navigate to “Students” in the left-side menu.
  2. Click “Select All” to select all of the students on that page.
  3. Choose “Actions.”
  4. Select “Mark Inactive.” You may need to repeat this step several times to mark all of the students in your school inactive, since students may be listed on several pages.
  5. Once all of your students have been marked “Inactive,” click the “Sync Users” button at the top of the “Students” page to run a resync of your students with Clever/ClassLink. The resync will take several minutes, but once it is complete, your student rosters should match exactly what is in Clever/ClassLink.

    NOTE: The “Sync Users” button can only be used once every 24 hours.

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