2-D Scanner

PBIS Rewards does not sell 2-D scanners, but schools do use scanners with PBIS Rewards.

The Zebra Symbol DS4208-SR Handheld 2D Omnidirectional Barcode Scanner/Imager with USB Cable scanner has been used by some of our schools. You can use a scanner to register students for events or sell items in the store.

What does it look like to use the scanner for a store?

  1. Navigate to the appropriate store from main menu.
  2. On the Web Portal, you will select the items to be purchased.
  3. Press the  “Checkout” button.
  4. Scan the student ID to input the ID number. The system will search and select the student automatically.
  5. Mark the item Redeem Now or Redeem Later.
  6. Make any necessary adjustments to the selected items and then.
  7. Select the “Purchase Items” button.

The points will be deducted from the students account. The store screen will reload so that you are ready to check out the next student.


NOTE: The scanner can be used on the web portal in any student search box including:  registering students for an event, entering students in a raffle or rewarding students on the main page.

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