Advanced Referral System (ARS) Customization

With the Advanced Referral System, the referral form can be customized by a PBIS Rewards Admin. Customize the form prior to writing referrals as changes to the form later may cause the information to be lost. Select “Settings” from the left-side Main Menu.

Next, choose “ARS Customization” from the tabs on the left.

Referral Form Drop-Down Selection Fields

Each of the six sections allows you to customize the choices in the drop-down boxes on the referral form. Your customization screen has headings and some description fields pre-filled by default. You are able to make modifications dictating the choices your staff will make while filling out a referral.

  1. Locations – Required field for the user. A category must be selected for each description.
  2. Problem Behaviors- Required field for the user. A category must be selected for each description.
  3. Redirections- Required field for the user.
  4. Possible Motivations – Optional field for the user.
  5. Administrative Action/Response – Required field for Referral Admin. The descriptions “In School Suspension,” “Out-of-School Suspension,” and “Other” are required. They cannot be deleted or marked inactive.
  6. Minor Problem Behaviors- Required for the user in Minor Referral creation.

Section Features

  1. Heading – Admin can edit the heading. Select the pencil icon, edit, and then “Save.”
  2. Description – Edit each description in the free text field then select “Save.”
  3. Category – The first two sections only. Categories are preset and cannot be edited.
  4. Active Check – Uncheck the “Active” box to make a description inactive.
  5. Use the plus sign to add a new description field. Maximum of 20 description fields per section
  6. Selecting the 3 dots will result in the options to change the order of the descriptions in the drop-down or delete, if they haven’t been used.


For more information on how to delete a description, visit the article Can I delete a field from the referral?

Referral Function Settings

Select “Save” after making changes in these sections.

Rename Referrals:

This section will give you the option to rename major and/or minor referrals to something of your choice. There is a maximum of 16 characters. The customized name will appear in some areas of the ARS.

Referral Types:

Select which types of referrals your staff will be able to create.

    • Minor Referrals Only
    • Major Referrals Only
    • Both Minor and Major Referrals will be selected as the default

Referral Admin Notifications:

To receive an email notification when a certain number of minor referrals have been recorded for any student, select “Enable Referral Admin Notifications” and enter the number of minor referrals at which point you would like to be notified. The referral system will send an email for all students in your assigned grades when they reach the prescribed threshold. (Determine grade levels for which you are a Referral Admin on the Staff Screen. Visit the ARS permissions article to learn more.)

Auto Archive Minor Referrals:

“Auto Archive Minor Referrals” will archive all current minor referrals for all students. The minor referrals that have been archived are still available for viewing in the Minor Referrals report and the Referral Dashboard, but it will reset all students’ current minor referrals back to zero. This can be set to archive automatically at the end of the grading period, or manually select to archive using “Before a Specific Date.” This will archive all the minors on and before that specified date.

Show Minor Referrals To:

If you choose “All Staff,” all Minor referrals will be visible to all staff members. Choosing “Staff Member Assigning the Minor Referral Only” means that only the staff member who created the minor will see it. When the staff converts minors to a major for a student, the new major referral may contain minor referrals from all teachers who have given a minor referral to the student, not just ones given by the staff member who is converting the minors to a major.

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