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Only staff members with Store/Events Admin permission will be able to create a schoolwide or grade-level event. Every user will be able to manage their own event in their “My Events.”

There are three types of events that can be created:

  1. Redeem – Students will spend points to attend. This type of event will deduct points.
  2. Qualify – These events do not deduct points from the student totals. Students qualify by earning the required points in the grading period, or the year. The students do not need to have points available in their balance.
  3. Reward – Attendees will earn the specified number of points.

To create an Event:

Choose “Events” from the left-side “Main Menu.” Next, select “Manage My Events” or “Manage Events” by using the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner. (Not all users will have the “Manage Events” option.) The resulting screen will list events that have already been created. Use the green “Add An Event” button to add a new event.

From the add event screen:

  • 1.Select an “Event Type” from the drop-down.
    • Redeem
      • Fill in the number of points that will be deducted from each student’s account when they register for this event.
    • Qualify
      • If creating a Qualify event based on a Grading Period total or Year-to-Date total, select between Grading Period or Year-to-Date in the next drop down that will be created.
      • If you selected Grading Period, define which Grading Period from the next new box that will appear.
    • Reward
      • Select the Reward Type. If your school has expectations, you will be offered the option between awarding the points in an expectation.
      • If you selected to award the points in the expectations, one field will appear below the event name for each expectation available. Fill in how many points will be awarded and in which expectation.
      • This type of event will need to be reviewed and marked complete before the points will be awarded. Please see the additional information at the bottom of this article.
  • 2.”Name” the event.
  • 3.”Description” allows you to enter a brief description of the event.
  • 4.Enter the “Points Required,” either that need to have been earned or to be deducted.
  • 5.”Student Limit” allows you to cap the number of students to be registered.
  • 6.”Event Date” needs to be today or in the future.
  • 7.Select the grade levels that may attend.
  • 8.Checking “Show in List” will allow other staff members to see the events and register students in it.
  • 9.Select “Save.”

To edit an existing event:

  • Use the pencil icon to edit an event after it has been created.
  • After you have registered students for an event, you may alter only the name, date, and quantity of students attending. To alter all details associated with this event, you must remove all students from the event.

Deleting an event:

If you need to delete an event, select “Manage Events.” Choose the pencil icon to edit. You will be notified if students are already registered in the event.

Select “Delete” in the lower left-hand corner. The next pop-up will ask whether points should be refunded. Select “Yes” to refund or “No.”

To complete an event:

  • Selecting “Review & Complete” will move the event from this screen to “Past Events.” Past events can be reached by selecting the “Past Events” button in the upper right-hand corner.

Additional “Reward” Event Type Information

Events that award points will have a yellow “Review & Complete” box on the “Manage Events” screen. After your event, you are able to confirm the students that should be receiving points before marking the event complete. Marking the event complete will award the points.

  • Select “Review & Complete”
  • A list of registered students will pop-up.
  • If any students were absent, check mark those students then select the now clickable “Remove Selected Students.”
  • Select “Confirm.”

Next Step: Register Students for Events using the Staff Web Portal

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