Customize PBIS Rewards

It’s time to customize PBIS Rewards to meet your needs! Sign in to PBIS Rewards Web Portal. Enter your email address, password and submit.

Use the on-screen Walk Me tutorials right in the software, or use the guide below.

Complete the First Three Steps first!

Once those first three steps are complete, see below for additional customization options.


Choose “Settings” from the left-side “Main Menu.”

1. School Information: Fill in the name of your school store in the “Store Name” field. Fill in the name of your points in the “Points Label” field.  Select “Save” on the bottom right-hand side.

2. Options: The page controls many aspects of how PBIS Rewards will function. Visit the Options article for the details on these settings.

3. CICO Options – The Check-In/Check-Out Explorer series page will explain your choices for setting up CICO. Read the entire Check-In/Check-Out guide for an explanation of how CICO works.

4. SEL Check Explorer Series –  The PBIS Rewards SEL Check feature allows staff members to check and track the Social and Emotional state of students in order to help students recognize and manage their emotions. Visit the SEL Check article to learn about the SEL Check include set up options.

5. If you have the Advanced Referral System, you can adjust your referral form in the ARS Customization tab. Visit the ARS Explorer article to learn more. Examples of what you can customize are Locations, Problem Behaviors, Redirections. Determine the types of referrals to be recorded. Note: ARS Customization should be done before your staff starts to use it. Changes after referrals are recorded could cause a loss of information.

6. Upload Badge Logo and Photos

1. Parent Link – Decide how you will give access to your parents and guardians. Parent Access article will explain the options for telling parents and guardians about the Parent App. Read the entire Parent Link guide for an explanation of how Parent Access works.

2. Incentives -Stores, Events, and Raffles could be set up now, or you could wait to set these up. Start awarding student points and set up incentives as needed.

  1. To set up the school store, select “Stores” and then “School Store.” By selecting Edit Store (the pencil icon in the upper right corner), you can add categories and store items. Visit the article to get instructions on how to add items to the school store.
    • Every staff member will have a “My Store” they can set up if desired. This will be their own personal store available only to them. It is set up using the same method as the School Store. Visit the article to learn more.
  2. Set up Events. Staff members can have their own “My Events.” visit the article to learn how.
  3. Set up Raffles. Staff members can have their own “My Raffles.” Visit the article to learn how.

Ready to tell your students about PBIS Rewards?

Read the Student Access article for information about how to give your students access the Student App and Student Portal. The student videos can be used to help introduce your students to PBIS Rewards!

Training and Learning Options

Training Webinars. We have options of live or prerecorded webinars or Visit PBIS Training to learn the options for training with our training team.

Self-Directed Learning

Use the Explorer Series and collect certifications to celebrate your knowledge of PBIS Rewards.


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