Staff Daily Points Goal

Only a PBIS Rewards Admin or a staff member with Reports View permissions will be able to view the Daily Points Goal. From the left-side “Main Menu,” choose “Reports” and then “Points Report” from the tabs on the left. From the points dashboard you will be able to see the daily points goal achieved for today under the “Total Daily Points Awarded” number.  To see individual data or other days, select the “Details” button.

Choose to view information for a particular staff member or for all staff members. Choose information for today, the previous day, the past 30 days or a custom date range. Once the report has been generated it can be sorted by staff, goal type, goal, or # of days goal was met by using the small arrows to the right of each column header. The “PDF” or “CSV” can be used to print via pdf or will create a spreadsheet.


Staff members can check their progress on meeting their goals. In the Web Portal, navigate to the Reward page to see the points given for the day or go to the bottom of the main menu on the mobile app.

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