Event Check-In from the Staff App

Events: To see available events in the PBIS Rewards Staff App, from the “Main Menu” choose “Redeem” to reveal the incentive options and then select “Events.”

The app will return a list of the available events. If the event you are looking for is not listed, someone with Store Admin privileges might have the event hidden from the list.

Event Information: Choose the “i” for information about the event.

1. You will see the details at the top of the screen.

2.  A list of registered students at the bottom.

3. Use “Close” at the bottom when you are done reviewing the information.

Add a Student: To register a student for an Event, plus student icon.

4. Use “Student Search” and search for the student

5. Or click the blue scan circle to scan a student QR code.

Register:  Click “Register” to complete the event check-in for the student. If the student doesn’t qualify for the event, a pop-up will appear saying so. You may have the option to override this and allow the student to register for the event anyway (depending upon the Options your school has chosen).

6. Use “Done” to exit.

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