My Activity – Give and Edit Comments

Comments will only be available if your school has selected it in their Options. Note: Admins have access to review all comments that are created.

Comments can be created while awarding points in two places.

  • Groups Screen – The process for adding comments in the Group will be provided below.
  • Reward – Visit the “Reward” article to learn about adding comments while awarding points to individual students in the “Reward” screen.

To add comments when awarding points in a group:

  1. Select the student or students and
  2. Choose the expectation/points to be awarded.
  3. Check the “Include comment” checkbox,
  4. Press the “Reward” button that now says “Comment.”
  5. Select the “Comment” box and add text to the pop-up.
  6. Select “Reward” to record the comment and award the points.
    • Students will see the comments in the Student App and Student Portal.
    • Parents will see comments in the Parent App.


My Activity

You are able to add comments for points you’ve already awarded or edit comments that you have made previously.

  1. From the left-side “Main Menu,” if you select “My Activity,” you will be able to see the comments that you have created and add more comments.
  2. Select the caret at the left to add or edit comments.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the comment or comments to be edited.
  4. Select “Edit Selected Comment(s).”
  5. Add your comment text to the box provided.
  6. Click “Add Comment” to record.

An Admin can review the comments that have been recorded in the Reports section. Select “Reports” and then “Tools.” Next, select “Comments.”

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