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An Admin can use the Group Importer. The group importer is a convenient tool that allows you to create student groups by importing a file. From the left-side “Main Menu,” choose “Settings” at the bottom of the left side main menu. Choose the “Group Importer” tab in the last section of the “School Info/Settings” menu.

Preparing Your File

  1. Download the template to aid file preparation. To clear the example contents, select the area with your mouse and right-click. Next, select “Clear Contents.”
  2. Put group name in column A.
  3. Staff ID for the group owner should be in column B.
  4. ID numbers for the students in column C.
  5. Column D will have the appropriate Subject Key from the list shown (optional).
  6. Additional group owners can be included in subsequent columns if necessary (see image below).

Once the group name and owner ID are populated, they cannot be repeated in every row.  Only fill in those cells when starting a new group, as shown below.

The staff member’s name will be on the card identifying the group, so it isn’t necessary for the teacher’s name to be in the group name. Your file should look like this:

  • Make sure your file is in the CSV format.
  • If you are using a Mac computer, please select the “CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv)” option.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer or Edge, there should be no spaces in the file name.

Importing the File

In the “Settings” screen, choose “Group Importer” then “Select File”. Browse to the correct file. Once you have selected the file, choose “Save” in the lower right-hand corner to create your groups. Next, navigate to the “Groups” screen to confirm that your groups were created. Choose “Main Menu” at the left, to get the left-side “Main Menu” then select “Groups.” Ensure that the student groups are now created by selecting the drop-down arrow in the “All User Groups” section and searching for one of the groups you imported. Contact us if you would like to have all of your groups cleared.

Next Step: Find a Group

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