How can I have an auction using PBIS Reward points?

To have an auction using PBIS Rewards, you will create a store category for your auction items. If you are unsure how to do that, visit the store article first.

  1. Make a “Auction” category in the School Store.
  2. Add the auction items to the School Store naming them something to indicate that they are auction items. For example, a hat could be named “Silent Auction Hat.”
  3. Give the item a price, but just as a place holder….maybe a suggested value. You can un-check “Show in List” if you would like to hide the auction items.
  4. Have the auction with silent or live bidding.
  5. Once you have the winners and the amount of their bid, change the price of each auction item to the winning bid and then sell it to the bidder. This will deduct the points from the student’s account and create a record in the store reports.
  6. “Archive” the auction items or mark them “Out of Stock” so that they can’t be sold to anyone else!

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