How do I add new staff?

A PBIS Rewards Admin can add more users on the “Staff” page.

From the left-side “Main Menu,” choose  “Staff” then select the green plus button near the top.

Fill in the *required fields with information about the new user:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Staff ID or Staff code
    • Important: If you don’t have an ID number for that staff member, it is fine to just create one.
    • Make sure that the number has no spaces or characters in it.
  4. School email address
  5. Leave  “Send Set Up Email” box checked
    • The system will send an email to let the user know they can set a password.
    • Uncheck the box if you do not want to send that email.
  6. Select “Save”

* Required fields need to have data entered. If your school uses first initials or last initials for staff names, that is fine. The system only requires that there be some information in the field.

Adding Staff with a CSV file

To add multiple staff members at one time, use the secure transfer feature to send us a file. We will upload the new staff members directly into PBIS Rewards for you. Please format a CSV  file like the following example. If you don’t have ID numbers, just make a column with the ID header but leave the cells blank. The system will create random ID numbers.  Upload that file by selecting “Settings” and then “Secure Transfer.” Visit the Secure Transfer article for more instruction on how!


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