Add and Remove Students from a Group

This short video demonstrates the process of adding and removing students from a group.

Add Students to a Group

  1. From the left-side “Main Menu” choose “Groups” then select the desired group.
  2. From the settings button choose the edit group tab.
  3. Search for the student in the “Add Student” search.
  4. Type the first few letters of the name. Once the student you want drops down, select the name to add the student to your group.
  5. Press the “Save Changes” button to finalize the changes.

Remove Students from a Group

  • From the left-side “Main Menu” choose “Groups.”
  • Choose the group that needs to be edited.
  • Select the “Settings” from the right side of the screen and then the “Edit Group” pencil icon.
  • Click the red circle with an x to remove the student from the group and then “Yes” to confirm.
  • You can also edit the group name, subject, or owner of the group.
  • Select “Save Changes” on the left when you have finished editing.

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