How do I add photos?

  1. In the Web Portal, select “Students” from the left-side “Main Menu.”
  2. Filters- Uses the “Filters” button to select “No Photos.” This will show all students without photos.
  3. Select the “Photo” icon to the right column to the right in the row for the appropriate student.
  4. Select the photo sign to upload a new photo.
  5. Select “Save” after making a change.

Once you have save the photo you can go back and crop or rotate the image.


All staff members have access to add and edit photos.

Tip:  A great way to add photos is to sign into the Web Portal using an iPad ( Clicking the camera icon will let you use the iPad’s camera to take a photo. Use the plus to add a photo. You will be offered the option of using the camera. Select the camera icon. Take the photo and then select “Save.”This example screenshot was taken on an iPad.

This same process can be used to add staff photos. Simply start by selecting “Staff” from the left-side main menu for the first step.

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