How does an Admin adjust student points?

Choose “Students” from the left-side “Main Menu.” Search to find the correct student, then click the adjust icon. The pop-up window is shown below. Enter the adjusted balance in the “Update Balance to” box and click “Save.”

  • This option is only available if enabled in your school. See the “Options” in “Settings” to make available.
  • If your school is using expectations, you will be able to associate the points with an expectation.
    • Only the difference in the old and new balance will be attributed to the selected expectation.
    • Example: If a student has 100 points, and you want to add 5 “Safe” points, then you would type the new balance 105 and choose the expectation “Safe.” Then select “Save.”
    • Note: Since you are not awarding these points, adjusting the current balance here may cause discrepancies in your reporting. You can check a record of the adjustments in the Reports section. Select “Reports” then “Tools” and then “Points Adjustment.”

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