Implementing PBIS Rewards

When implemented with fidelity, the PBIS framework has been proven to improve behavior school-wide. Use the following implementation documents to ensure you have a successful school year with PBIS Rewards!

  • Guide to Awarding Points Schoolwide: Tips to help successfully implement PBIS Rewards.
    • Point Value Examples 1-10: If you are awarding points in the number-only format, without expectations, here are some example behaviors and how many points you might award.
    • Point Value Examples 1-3: If you are using expectations and awarding up to three points in each expectation, here are some example behaviors and how many points you might award.
  • PBIS Economy Spreadsheets: After filling in the selected cells, the spreadsheet will estimate expected numbers of student points and point goals for staff, providing you with totals to price store items or events.
  • Videos: Videos are available to introduce PBIS Rewards to your students and staff!
    • The student videos explain a little about PBIS Rewards while providing an opportunity to explain the expectations that your school will be using when awarding points.
    • Videos can be watched in training sessions. You can also send links to your team so they can start learning how to use PBIS Rewards.

Next Step: Classroom Economy Using PBIS Rewards Lesson Plan (K-2)

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