Import Store Items

Items can be imported in both the “School Store” and “My Store.” (Staff without Store/Event Admin permission will only be able to edit “My Store.”)

  1. From the left-side Main Menu, select “Stores,” the store that you would like to edit and then press the edit button (pencil icon).
  2. Select “Import Items” and you will see the pop-up below.
    1. * First Column – Category Import ID (See Category Table)
    2. * Second Column – Item Name(Max Length 40)
    3. Third Column – Item Description
    4. Fourth Column – Item Price
    5. Fifth Column – Inventoried (Y = YES, N = NO)
    6. Sixth Column – Quantity of Item
    7. Seventh Column – Show In List (Y = YES, N = NO)
      * = Required Fields
    8. “Download Template” will download a template to assist you in formatting your file.

Once you have prepared your file, use “Select File” to upload.

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