Inexpensive or Free Incentives

Incentives don’t have to be expensive. Many schools plan PBIS events that use resources and equipment that their school already has. A field day using the gym equipment or a staff vs. students volleyball game would cost nothing to execute. Using privileges as store items could be free also. Here are some ideas to get you started!

  1. Class DJ – choose music for the classroom to listen to for half an hour
  2. Tell the class a joke
  3. Gym time
  4. Be the first one in the lunch line
  5. Sit in the teacher’s chair
  6. Use your headphones while doing seatwork
  7. Drawing time
  8. Feed the classroom pet
  9. Dress casual – no school uniform for a day

Visit the Big List of Free PBIS Incentive Ideas and our Ultimate List of PBIS Incentives for more!

Using Raffles instead of a Store

If running a store within your school becomes too much of a time commitment or too expensive, consider using raffles as an incentive for students.  Raffles can be done every month or just a few times per year.  Students will stay motivated to earn a lot of points, so they get as many chances as possible at the big raffle.  The money spent on keeping the store stocked week-to-week with candy, school supplies, and spirit wear can be accumulated and spent on a few larger items like a Kindle Fire, Bluetooth speaker, iPad mini, or gift cards.  Many schools can get items donated by businesses or parents for their raffles, too.  Visit  How to Create a Raffle to learn how you can create raffles for your PBIS incentives!

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