First Three Steps

Now that your launch wizard is complete it is time to do a few things so that the system will be ready for you and your staff to begin using it.

We now have tutorials built into the software to assist with setup. Sign in to the software, select “Show Me How!” Complete the tutorials in the “Let’s Get Started” guide.


First Three Steps

If you prefer, use this article as a Quick Start guide to get some basics set up for PBIS Rewards. You will gain more in-depth information when you travel through the Explore Series for initial training. You will need to be signed into PBIS Rewards Web Portal so that you can follow along with the instructions.

1. In Session Calendar

The In-Session Calendar is the mechanism for letting PBIS Rewards know the days in your school year that you will be in school or out of school. Having a correct In-Session Calendar will keep your reporting more accurate and make the Check-In Check-Out feature easier to use.

To set your In-Session Calendar:

Navigate to the “Settings” page from the main menu.

Choose the “In-Session” tab from the left side menu.

Select the dates on the calendar that you will not be in school (weekends are already selected) and then press the “Save” button in the lower right-hand corner.

2. Setting Staff Permissions

If you didn’t set permissions in the Launch Wizard, you can do that now. Some staff members, like Administrators, will need additional permissions to help manage the system. You may also want to grant some staff members the ability to manage the school store or referrals (if applicable). Click the following link to see the complete list in our permissions matrix. If you need to add additional staff, you will find information on how to do that here.

Edit Staff Permission by selecting Settings at the bottom of your left side main menu

Next select Staff Permissions

Change the permissions for multiple staff members at once. Use the checkboxes and drop-downs to assign the permissions listed here.

  1. Admin – Check this box if a user should be able to edit all settings and view all reports
  2. Redeem Admin – Check this box if a user will create and edit the school-wide store as well as school-wide events and raffles.
  3. Referral Admin – Use the drop-down to assign referral admin access. Assign all grades or select from the specific grade you defined in your School Information.
  4. Reports – All Admins will have Admin reports but you can give staff members access to see the Admin reports by selecting from the drop-down.
  5. TR Admin – Check Teacher Reward Admin (Workplace Rewards for Teachers) to grant access to approve requests and recommendations for staff to receive points and to make setting changes.
  6. TR Redeem – Check TR Redeem if this user should have access to create and edit the teacher store in Teacher Rewards.
  7.  Save once you finished making selections.

3. Daily Point Goals

The Daily Point Goals for your staff and students provides a guide for all the individuals in your school to know what is expected of them when it comes to PBIS in your building. This is essential to maintain fidelity and accurately track those who are doing well and those who may need additional training.

To set the Daily Points Goals:

1.  Navigate to the “Settings” page from the main menu.

2. Select the “Daily Points Goals” tab on the left side menu.

3. Determine your “Goal Zone” numbers for primary staff, secondary staff, and students. If you need help you can select the “Need a Suggestion?” button to get an estimate based on class size and the number of periods per day. For more information about setting your Daily Points Goals and determining Classroom Staff vs Support Staff members, select this link from the Explorer Series.

If you didn’t do it yet, remember to Send Staff Login!

Learn more and collect certificates with the Explorer Series.  You will start in Groups and then select Next Topic at the bottom to travel through all the planets.

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