Manage Expectations

An Admin at your school is able to make a change to your points type and expectations in the “Options” screen. Select “Settings” from the left-side menu, choose the “Options” tab and press the “Manage Expectations” button.

Manage Expectations: Your school can have a total of 10 expectations with up to 7 active at a time. Unchecking the box under ‘Active’ will remove it from the pages where you can reward students, but will not remove that expectation from reports. Modifying the name of an existing expectation will update all previous instances of that expectation in reports.


Selecting “Add a New Expectation” will add a new field to enter the name of the new expectation.


When you check the “Active” box, you will be given a field to enter its display order. Use “Save” to keep your changes or the red “X” to discard.

Your new expectation will be available when awarding points to groups or individuals in the Web Portal or Staff App.

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