Message Center: Admin View

Select the envelope on the toolbar to access the “Message Center”.

A PBIS Rewards Admin can send and receive messages in the Message Center.

  • Use “New Message” to compose a message to a staff group from within PBIS Rewards
    •  “Send to”: Use the drop-down menu to select the recipients
      • Admin
      • Store/Event Admin
      • Referral Admin
      • Teacher Rewards Admin
      • All Staff
    • “Subject”: Give a title or description to your message notification
    • Type the message body
    • Select “Send,” “Save Draft,” or “Cancel” to complete your message


School messages on the Staff App:

  1. From the Main Menu expand the “Messages” tab and choose “School”.
  2. On the “School Messages” page press the green “New” button.
  3. Use the “Send to:” dropdown to choose who will receive the message.
  4. Give the message a subject.
  5. Type the body of the message.
  6. Select the “Send” button to complete the message.

Visit the Message Center – Staff View article to learn how a non-admin staff member can send a message to staff from web portal or staff app. All Messages and Notifications will be cleared at the end of the school year.

Use the following link for instructions on how to send parent messages.


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