Message Center: Staff View

Select the envelope in the header to access the “Message Center” or select “Announcements” on the left side main menu.

View Messages

  • Click on a message to view it
  • Select “Back” to return to the inbox and keep the message there
  • Choose “Archive” to move the message out of the Inbox into the Archived folder


Send a Message to Staff from the Web Portal

  1. Click the envelope icon in the header
  2. Choose the “New Message” tab on the left-side menu
  3. Search and select the staff member you would like to message
  4. Add the subject and message text
  5. Press the “Send” button


Send Message to Staff from the Staff App

  1. From the Main Menu expand the “Messages” tab and choose “School”.
  2. On the “School Messages” page press the green “New” button.
  3. Search and select the staff member you wan to send the message.
  4. Give the message a subject.
  5. Type the body of the message.
  6. Select the “Send” button to complete the message.


Use the following link for instructions on how to send parent messages.

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