School Options: Minor Referrals Viewing

Your minor referrals will be handled in one of the following ways, depending on the which option your school has selected. (See the article on options for more information.) Consult with your PBIS Rewards Admins to find out how Minor Referrals function in your building. With either of these options, Referral Admins will see all Minor Referrals for a student when they search for them.

Option 1:  All staff members are able to see all minor referrals for any particular student, no matter who recorded them. They will need to search for the student before they see the minors unless they have recorded minors for the student previously, and these minors have not been converted to a Major yet.

Option 2:  Staff members see only minor referrals that they have recorded themselves. When staff members search for a student and record a new minor, they will see the minors that they have recorded for that student and the total number of minors that the student has been given. In the example below, this student has 3 minor referrals recorded by this staff member, and 4 minor referrals total.

An Admin can also set up notifications regarding minor referrals. Visit the Advanced Referral System customization article to learn more.

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