Mission: Expedition Resources

Download the agenda here! Mission: Expedition Agenda

Space Jam: Spotify Playlist

Day 1 Information:

What is PBIS video

Norms Video


Measure of Progress Worksheet Download Here for Excel


Cup of Coffee Video – Tell a Good Story – (Teacher Buy-In)

Bottle Arcade Video/Give Them the Feels – (Teacher Buy-In)

Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich – Exact Instructions (School-Wide Matrix)

Sample PBIS Matrix and Highlighted Matrix Download Here

Creating a School-Wide Matrix Download Here

Sample of Elementary Matrix  Download Here


Sample of Secondary Matrix  Download Here

Distance Learning Option:  School-Wide Matrix  (blank)

Distance Learning Option:  School-Wide Matrix  (completed sample)

Distance Learning Option: Home Application of Expectations Schedule

Distance Learning Option: Home Application of Expectations Matrix (blank)

Distance Learning Option:  Home Application of Expectations Matrix (completed)

Labeled Expected Behavior Download Here

Teaching Plan for Expected Classroom Routines Download Here



Behavior Reinforcement Schedule Download Here

Sample “I Feel…” Words Download Here

PBIS Rewards and Early Childhood:  Helping our youngest learners be successful


Day 2 Information:

PBIS Rewards Point/Expectation Comparison Chart Download Here

PBIS Rewards Event Ideas Download Here


PBIS Rewards Article: Ultimate List of Incentives

PBIS Rewards Article: Student Incentives

Distance Learning Option:  Using the Store, Events and Raffles

 School Starts at 8am Video

PBIS Rewards Training Webinars

Day 3 Information:

Check-In/Check-Out PDF Download Here

Check-In/Check-Out Theater: Script

Check-In/Check-Out Theater: Scene Signs 

Blog Article: How to Improve Teacher Buy-In

PBIS Rewards Article: Teacher Incentives


PBIS Rewards District Portal


PBIS Rewards Professional Development Template (Make sure to save a copy to your Google drive)

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