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When you are the owner of one or more groups, each student in those groups will have access to your My Store. If you want more students to have access to your store, you will need to add those students to one of your groups or make a new group and add those students to it.

Making your My Store public will make the store available to all students.

Admins, you can quickly build a group to grant access to your My Store using an export from the student screen and the Group Importer in Settings. The method will work for adding entire grade levels or the whole student body.

1. On the student screen, use the “Select Grade” filter to select the grade levels that you would like to have in your My Store group. If you want to add all the students, you can skip this step. In my example, I have selected the 7th grade.

2. Select “Export to CSV”

The resulting download will contain a csv of the students selected by filtering.

Now that your students are in a csv, select “Settings” from the bottom of the left-side menu and then “Group Importer.” On this page, select “Download Template.”

The template will look like this.

  1. Type in the name of the group. For example My Store Access Group
  2. Type in your staff ID number.
  3. Highlight these cells, right-click and select “clear contents.”
  4. Save your changes.

This is what the csv will look like after those changes have been made.

Now we are ready to add the Student ID numbers to column C. From the file with student information which you downloaded from the student screen, copy the student IDs only. One way to do this is to select the cells that contain the numbers, right-click and choose “copy” from the pop-up. Drag the numbers to the template and drop them in column C. Save the changes. This is what my template looks like now. Notice how only Column C has information in almost all the rows.

Return to the Group Importer page.

  1. Choose “Select File” and browse to locate the edited template
  2. Select “File Selected, Press Here to Upload” to import the new group

Your new group will appear in the top section of the Groups screen.

Watch the video “Create a Whole School Group” to see the process executed with the entire student body.

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