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You can set up your own classroom store in PBIS Rewards in the Web Portal. This article will cover adding items to a store individually. You will learn how to import store items with the “Import Store Items” article.

1. From the PBIS Rewards left-side “Main Menu” choose “Stores” and then “My Store.”

2. Choose “Edit Store” (the pencil icon) in the upper right-hand corner.


3. You can create items in the “Main Category” or add more categories.

    1. To create a new category, select the Manage Categories drop-down.
    2. Select “Add New+” and then fill in a name for the category. Next, select “Save.”

4. To add an item to a category, click on the green “Add Item” button. A screen will pop up asking for item information.

  • Item Information
    • Name
    • Category
    • Item ID (if you leave this blank, one will automatically be created)
    • Price
    • Description
  • Inventory – select one of the following options
    • Not inventoried
    • Inventoried – also enter the quantity on hand
      • You have the option to receive a message alert when the inventory gets below a certain number
    • Out of Stock

After you fill these in, click “Save.”

5. If you would like other staff to be able to sell items from your “My Store,” change the Public/Private setting in the upper right-hand corner to “Public.” NOTE: If you elect to make your store public, any staff member in the school can sell items out of your “My Store.” If the school has turned on student purchasing, any student in the school will be able to purchase from a store set as public.

Sell your My Store items in the Staff App 

My Store items can be sold with the Staff App. Here is a screenshot from the School Store on the Smartphone Staff App:

Sell your My Store items from the Web Portal in the My Store Screen. 

  1. From the PBIS Rewards left-side “Main Menu” choose “Stores” and then “My Store.”
  2. Select items to add them to a cart
  3. Press the “Check Out” button
  4. Search for the student and select the name when it appears
  5. Leave as “Redeem Now,” or select “Redeem Later” if the item will be given or used at later date
  6. Adjust the quantity, if necessary
  7. Choose the “Purchase Items” button to finalize the transaction and remove the points from the student’s balance

Transactions can be refunded in the Web Portal. Choose “Refund” in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Refund” next to the purchase that you would like to refund. Use the checkbox to determine if the item should be returned to stock or not. Select “Yes” to complete the refund.

My Store items can also be sold in the “Group” screen. Visit Incentives in the Groups Screen to learn how.

Next Step: Set up and Edit School Store

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