The Web Portal has header features and left-side menu navigation that will allow you to quickly access features and navigate to places in PBIS Rewards.

Header features:

1. Choosing your name will pop up a menu including “My Info,” “My Photo,” “My Settings,” and “Sign Out.”

  • Use “My Info” to update your name, email address, or password. You can also see how many points you have awarded today.
  • You can update your photo with “My Photo.”
  • Use the “My Settings” to adjust your mobile notification settings.
  • Use the “Sign Out” to leave PBIS Rewards.

2. Get easy access to the “Announcements” by choosing the envelope.

3. “Help” provides access to the Support Website in a new browser window.


Left-Side Menu

The Left-Side Menu allows you to easily navigate to multiple features in PBIS Rewards. Even when you are on a page with its own unique left-side menu, select “Main Menu” to see these left-side menu options:

    • Reward allows you to award points to any individual student.
    • Groups will take you to the group screen. Select a group to use the PBIS Rewards feature for that group specifically.
    • My Activity allows you to review points you have awarded and adjust or add comments if commenting is allowed in your school.
    • Stores will send you to a screen where you can choose the school store, your “My Store,” or other teacher stores that are public.
    • Events allows you to register students for events or manage events, depending on your permissions in PBIS Rewards.
    • Raffles allows you to register students for raffles or manage raffles, depending on your permissions in PBIS Rewards.
    • Referrals (If your school has the Advanced Referral System add-on) will send you to the Referrals screen.
    • CICO Teacher will allow you to check-in a student with an active Check-In/Check-Out plan.
    • CICO Coach will only be available if you are assigned to be a Check-In/Check-Out coach.
    • Announcements will take you to messages sent to staff by admins.
    • Teacher Rewards will launch “Workplace Rewards for Teachers” in another tab.
    • Reports leads to the reports.
    • Students allows you to see and filter all the students in the school and provides some basic information.
    • Staff will only be available if you are assigned to be a PBIS Rewards Admin.
    • ID Badges will send you to printing options where you will select the type of ID you would like to print.
    • Parent Link will take you to Parent Messaging and the Manage Parents page where you can edit, email, and print parent letters.
    • Login Auth Codes allow you to create login authorization codes for yourself, students, substitutes and/or cashiers.
    • Settings will only be available if you are a PBIS Rewards Admin.


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