Parent Access

Parent Access with the PBIS Rewards Parent App

Imagine being able to extend positive behavior reinforcement beyond school grounds! With the PBIS Rewards Parent App, you can do just that. As part of the PBIS Rewards suite of apps, the free Parent App allows parents to view student point totals, the number of referrals, items purchased with points, and upcoming events for which points can be used.

How Does It Work?

Once the parent downloads the app onto a smartphone, they can scan a QR code to activate a student in the app.

The QR code connects the parent or guardian’s mobile device to the student, allowing the parent to access their student’s point totals and progress as the school year goes along. The parent can recognize and encourage positive behavior at home based on the information available in the app.

The PBIS Rewards Parent App allows parents to track the progress and point totals of each of their children, even if they are attending different schools. Each school generates a unique QR code for each student, and once this code is scanned in the app, the parent can view the information for each of their children.

What Parents Can See

The PBIS Rewards Parent App only allows access to student information specific to the QR code scanned. This information includes:

  • Points balance
  • Points details, including comments if applicable
  • Check-In/Check-Out Information
  • Referrals – Date, Time, Staff, and Cause
    • Major Referrals
    • Minor Referrals
  • Purchases
  • Upcoming events
  • Communication with school staff

The parent cannot alter any of this information in any way. It is a reporting mechanism.

Pictured Below: PBIS Rewards Parent App with Major Referral information (image on left) and Minor Referral information expanded (image on right) and Check-In/Check-Out information (lower-middle).



Inform Your Parents with the PBIS Rewards Parent Support Video

This whiteboard style video will help you to inform parents about PBIS, PBIS Rewards, and how your school is using them to build a positive school climate.

Parent Access

PBIS programs are popular in educational settings for one important reason: they work. When educators focus their attention on positive behavior, students react favorably. The long-term result is improved behavior across the entire student population and improved school climate for all. Giving parents an opportunity to be a part of this experience further strengthens your PBIS program.

Like the PBIS Rewards app, the Parent App is available for both iPhone and Android phones. It’s easy to get started; you can generate the letters with unique QR codes right from your desktop system in the PBIS Rewards app.

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