Points Awarded by Staff

Awarded by Staff: Navigate to the “Reports” page, select the “Point Reports” tab and choose the “Awarded by Staff” card.

  1. Search for points awarded by a specific staff member or use the checkbox to see points awarded by “All Staff Members.”
  2. Use the radio buttons to select between points awarded for today, the current grading period, year-to-date, or a custom date range.
  3. Choose the “Type” from drop down box for summary data or more detailed information about points that have been awarded.
  4. Press the “Generate” button to view the report data the. Once the report has been generated it can be sorted by staff, time/date, points, student or expectation (if applicable) with the small arrows to the right of each column header.
  5. Use the “PDF” or “CSV”  button to create a pdf or generate a spreadsheet to download.

Version 4.4

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