Classroom Staff vs Support Staff

To help make the information in the Daily Points Goal report meaningful, you can categorize your staff as either Classroom Staff, Support Staff, or Untracked.

  • To reach the Daily Points Goal report, from the “Main Menu” or “Quick Menu,” choose “Reports” and then “Daily Points Goal” from the tabs on the left. Only a PBIS Rewards Admin will be able to view the Daily Points Goal. Visit this Daily Points Goal article for information on setting the Daily Points Goal.

Label staff members as either Classroom Staff, Support Staff, or Untracked on the staff page.

  • From the “Main Menu” or the “Quick Menu” choose “School” and then “Staff”
  • You can edit the category for each staff member using the pencil icon on the staff page
  • Please note all staff members are set up to be Primary users by default
  • There are no hard and fast rules for defining staff types

Set the staff members who will be awarding the most points as Primary. Here are some examples:

  • Classroom teachers
  • Teacher’s aides
  • Anyone who has a lot of contact with the students, and who you expect will award a significant number of points

Secondary users suggestions:

  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Anyone who has contact with students, but are not expected to award many points

Possible Untracked users:

  • Custodial staff
  • Cafeteria personnel
  • Bus drivers
  • Anyone whose point activity will not need daily review

As you can imagine, every school will be different in how they set up this report. Make changes as needed. Checking the Daily Points Goal report often will help you maintain fidelity while implementing PBIS Rewards.

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