Redeeming Student Purchases

Redeem Items for Students: When teachers are ready to redeem the items for the students, they can go into the redeem queue by going to “Stores” in the left-side menu and selecting the appropriate store, or access it via the group by clicking on the “Menu,” then either “Store” or “My Store” and then clicking on the cart button. Once the redeem queue is pulled up, use “Select All Students” or search for the appropriate student and either “Approve Purchases” or “Redeem Purchases” if the purchase will be allowed, or “Deny” if the student is not allowed to purchase the item. If the “Deny” button is selected, then the points will be returned to the student and the item will be returned to inventory (if the item is inventoried).

Store items purchased as “Redeem Later” with the assistance of a staff member will appear in the “Redeem Purchases” queue and have the “Redeem” button.

  1. Navigate to the “Groups” page from the main menu and select the group you would like to use.
  2. Select the “Menu” button and choose the appropriate store (School Store or My Store).
  3. Press the cart icon to open the redeem queue for that store.
  4. Proceed with redeeming and approving. See the Store queue example in the article Redeeming a Saved Purchase for more information.


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