Referral Form: Part 1

You can submit a major referral from the Web Portal or Mobile App.

Web Portal

In the web portal, click on Referrals in the left-side menu, then search for the student. Select Major next to the student’s name. A pop-up will appear for some initial information to populate.

Once you select “Major” a pop up window will appear that requires some initial information that can be sent directly to the referral admin via email.

    1. First, select the time. Clicking Now will populate it with the current time.
    2. Next, select the reason for the referral.
    3. Decide if you want to email the referral admin with the checkbox next to the reason. It is checked by default.
    4. The logged-in user’s name will be pre-populated in the Staff box, but another staff member’s name may be used, if appropriate.
    5. Select the “Record” button to start the referral.

Once the “Record” button is selected, the major referral from will appear and requires the following information:

  1. The location where the incident took place.
  2. Any additional problem behaviors that may have occurred.
  3. The Redirections that were taken.
  4. Possible motivations for the incident (not required).
  5. A description of the incident.
  6. Select the “Submit” button when complete to send the referral to the office for further action. You can also use the “Save & Leave Open” button to keep it open if you need to come back to the referral in order to complete later.

In the Desktop Portal, the “Attach File” button allows you to attach documents or images.

Mobile App

  1. From the home screen select the tree horizontal lines in the top left corner to get to the Main Menu.
  2. On the Main Menu expand the “Referrals” tab to reveal “Majors” and “Minors.”
  3. Select the “Majors” option.
  4. Search for a student by typing the first few letters of his or her name. Select the correct student and the referral form will open up.
  5. Select a time and date, or click Now to record the current time and date.
  6. Complete all fields and the description, leave the check box selected if you would like to email the referral admin.
  7. Select the “Continue” button to save the referral to complete later or “Submit to Office.”

Part 2 of the referral with be done by a Referral Admin. Follow this link to learn about Part 2.

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