SEL Checks

The PBIS Rewards SEL Check feature allows staff members to check and track the Social and Emotional state of students in order to help students recognize and manage their emotions.

SEL Check Settings

SEL Check from the Web Portal

SEL Check from the Staff App

SEL Check Settings

Staff members with Admin permissions can customize the different SEL Check titles, colors and emojis from the Settings page under the “SEL Check” tab.

  1. Navigate to the “SEL Check” button from the settings page
  2. The “Active” checkbox allows this feature to be used.
  3. The “Add New Status” button allows admin to create additional SEL check options.
  4. Use the order arrows to change the display order of the SEL Checks.
  5. Use the “Active” column to turn on or off specific SEL checks.
  6. Use the text fields to edit existing SEL Checks.
  7. The risk dropdowns must be selected to determine the risk level of each status.
  8. Use the color and emoji dropdowns to choose the look of each SEL status.
  9. The SEL Guide can be printed and shared with other staff members.
  10. Make sure to select the “Save” button to confirm any changes.


Student Self SEL Check and Notifications:

Admin have the ability to turn on the student self SEL Check so that student can submit their own status from the student portal or student app. Notifications can also be sent to all staff or selected staff when high risk checks are submitted.

  1. Activate The student self SEL check by selecting the checkbox.
  2. Decide how many SEL checks a student can submit per day. (This number does not apply to SEL Checks submitted by staff members.)
  3. Determine the how often students can submit an SEL Check. (This time frame does not apply to SEL Checks submitted by staff members.)
  4. Customize and view the text that will appear on the button for student portal and student app.

Activate notifications for students that are at a High Risk status for the entire staff or for a designated team of SEL Staff.

  1. If “All Staff” is selected a new tab will appear on the left side menu that will display students that are in high risk status based on the students that the staff member has in a group/class.
  2. If “SEL Staff” is selected then the staff members that are added with the “Add Staff” button will see all students that are in high risk status and will receive an email notification when a student has been put in high risk. App notifications are also sent if either checkbox is selected.
  3. Add SEL Staff members that will receive notifications when a student has been put in high risk and have access to SEL reports from the SEL tab of the main menu.
  4. Designate one SEL Staff member as the SEL Team Lead, who then have access to this SEL settings page.
  5. Select the “Save” button to finalize any changes.

De-escalation Strategies:

  1. Select the checkbox to display the de-escalation strategies to students who self check in a medium or high risk status.
  2. Customize the text that will appear above the de-escalation strategies on the student portal/app.
  3. Add additional strategies with the “Add Strategy” button. (Maximum of 5 strategies)
  4. Use the “Edit” button to customize and view the strategy.
  5. Upload a picture, edit the header, or change the directions text.
  6. Select the “Save” button to finalize any changes.

SEL Check from the Web Portal:

A staff member can view and record SEL checks for the students that they have in a group/class.

  1. Navigate to a group.
  2. Select all students or individual students.
  3. Press the “SEL Check” button and choose to view SEL checks or to submit SEL checks.
  4. If you choose to view SEL checks you can see some details concerning the students selected.
  5. Use the arrows next to the column name to sort the data.
  6. Select the student’s name to see all of that student’s SEL Checks from the student dashboard, if the appropriate permissions are activated.
  7. Click the “SEL Guide” button to view/print the SEL Check definitions.
  8. The “Check Now” button will allow staff to submit a SEL Check for that student.


A staff member can record an SEL check for any student in the school from the “Reward” page.

  1. Search and select a student.
  2. From the student card select the blue highlighted SEL Status.
  3. On the view screen, press the “Check Now” button to submit a SEL Check.
  4. From the SEL Check Submissions window, choose the appropriate status based on a conversation with the student.
  5. Enter a comment if applicable.
  6. Use the “Submit” button to finalize the SEL Check.


SEL Check from the Staff App:

Staff members can see their student’s last SEL check and submit a status directly from the groups page of the staff app.

  1. Select the emoji or blue link to open up the view status page.
  2. On the view status page you can see past SEL Checks or view the SEL Guide.
  3. Press the “New SEL Status” button to set a new SEL status.
  4. Choose the appropriate status.
  5. Add a comment if applicable.
  6. Select the “Confirm SEL Status” button to finalize the status.


Staff member can view and submit any student’s SEL status by using the “Check Student” button on the reward page of the staff app.

  1. From the “Recognize a Student” page select the “Check Student” button.
  2. Use the “Scan to Check Student” button or “Search for student” box to find and select the student.
  3. Select the blue underlined “day(s)” to view the the student’s SEL history.
  4. Press the “New SEL Check” button to submit a new status for that student.


Select the following link to see what students would see when submitting a student self SEL check.

Student SEL history can also be viewed from the student dashboard under the “Interventions” drop down and in the “SEL Checks by Students” report.

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