Set Staff Permission


In step 7, you can set staff permission. You can set some of the permission now and set more later so this is not your only opportunity to assign different roles in PBIS Rewards.

  1. Admin – this user can edit all settings and view all reports
  2. Redeem Admin – this user can create and edit the school-wide store as well as school-wide events and raffles.
  3. Referral Admin – assign users that will respond to referrals if your school is using them by selecting the appropriate grades from the drop-down. You can assign all grades or select from the specific grade you defined in your School Information (step 2).
  4. Reports – All Admins will have Admin reports but you can give staff members access to see the Admin reports by selecting from the drop-down.
  5. TR Admin – Teacher Reward Admin (Workplace Rewards for Teachers) is able to approve requests and recommendations for staff to receive points and to make setting changes.
  6. TR Redeem – Has access to create and edit the teacher store in Teacher Rewards.
  7. Save and Next – use this button when you are done editing
  8. Save for Later – use this button to skip setting permissions in the launch wizard

Refer to the following charts for more information about permissions.

Next Step: Send Staff Login

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