Setting the Daily Points Goal

Daily Points Goal (DPG) is very helpful in seeing how well your staff is embracing and using PBIS Rewards. The value for the DPG is set in the “Settings” section. From the left-side “Main Menu” choose “Settings.” The “Daily Points Goal” tab will be on the left-hand side of the page. Schools choose their DPG in a couple of different ways:

  • The on-screen tools can guide you in setting the goal.
  • Wait a few weeks and see how the staff members are using the program. Discuss with staff different reports that show the number of points being awarded and decide on a realistic goal based on this data.
  • Our Implementing PBIS Rewards support article includes information about the PBIS Economy Spreadsheet. This Excel worksheet will provide estimated values for expected points per student, DPG totals for teachers/staff, and incentive values for rewards based on information you populate in the yellow cells. You can use these numbers as a good starting point and adjust the DPG from there.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Label staff members as either Classroom Staff, Support Staff, or Untracked on the staff page. To know what each type of user is, select the pencil icon next to a user on the “Staff” page. Please note all staff members are preselected as being Classroom Staff users.
  • Review the “Daily Point Goal” report to see how well your staff members are using the program. This report shows which staff members are over, under, have met their goal, or haven’t awarded any points that day.
  • Communicate to staff members how they can check their daily progress.
    • From the Desktop Portal, staff members can click on their name in the upper right toolbar and click “My Info.” Under their photo, they will see their goal and how many points they’ve awarded that day.
  • Adjust the DPG if you feel it is too low or too high. Adjusting the percentage will change the minimum and maximum totals.

Daily Point Cap

To activate the “Daily Point Cap,” select “enabled” and fill in a value in the blank. Select “Save.”

The Daily Point Goal cap set below will prevent teachers from awarding points once this number has been met or exceeded. For example, if the cap is set to 1000 points and the staff member is at 999 points, the staff member may make one more award, even if the award is more than one point. Once the staff member’s total points awarded for the day exceeds 1000, the staff member will no longer be able to award points. An administrator will be notified via email when a staff member exceeds the cap. The cap is set to 9999 by default. If a staff member exceeds this limit, both a school administrator and a PBIS Rewards administrator will be notified. This is to assist with fraud prevention.

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