Staff Permissions

A PBIS Rewards Admin Will Assign Permissions to Any Staff Member

General Permissions

  • Admin: See all reports, can edit students/staff, can edit “School Settings.”
  • Store/Event Admin: Create and edit store items. Create and edit events.

Advanced Referral System Permissions (ARS)

  • Referral Admin: Receive emails when a referral has been written; able to fill out the rest of the referral form once it has been submitted; can view/print/edit all referrals.
  • Referral View: View/print all referrals.
  • For more information, see the article about Advanced Referral System Permissions.

Workplace Rewards for Teachers Permissions (Teacher Rewards)

  • Workplace Rewards for Teachers Admin: Award points to staff
  • Staff Store Admin: Create/edit store items for the Staff Store, receive emails notifying them of a staff store purchase.

Download the PBIS Rewards and Teacher Rewards Permissions matrix.

How To Assign Individual Permissions

To assign and change the permissions assigned to any staff member:

  1. Choose the “Staff” tab from the left-side menu.
  2. Select the key icon in the blue circle next to a name.
  3. Check the box(s) of the permission(s) desired. *The information icon describes the details of each permission.
  4. Then press the “Save”button to finalize the change.


How To Assign Multiple Permissions at the Same Time

  1. From the Staff page select the “EDIT PERMISSIONS” button.
  2. Choose the appropriate permissions for your staff members.
  3. Press the “SAVE” button to finalize the changes.

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