Staff Reports Overview

My Reports gives you access to information about your progress in rewarding points and referral activity.  The reports include:

1. Daily Points Goal -this graph shows the progress made with your daily point goal in the last 5 school days.

2. Points by Expectation – this graph shows the point distribution, of the entire school, in terms of school-wide expectations.

3. Major Referrals by Problem Behavior – this graph highlights the problem behaviors that are being identified with major referrals for the entire school.

4. Additional Reports:

  • Points Awarded to Student– This report allows you to view point summaries or point details for the students that you have awarded points.
  • Daily Points Goal Student– This report allows you to see the progress of student daily point goals for the students you have in a group/class.
  • Points Awarded by Group– This report allows you to compare point totals for your favorited groups.
  • Referrals by Student– This report allows you to view referral data for the students that you have issued a minor or major referral.
  • Minor Referrals by Problem Behavior– This reports shows the percentage of minor problem behaviors that you have issued during a given time frame.
  • Store Inventory– This report shows the inventory of items in various stores along with how many times items have been sold.
  • Redeem & Approval Queue– This shows items in the school store or my store that need to be approved (student purchase) or redeemed (purchased and approved but not yet used).
  • Items Purchased– This reports shows the purchases that students have made from the school store, your my store or any public stores.
  • Offline Reports– This is where reports with large amounts of data will be found if they need to be run offline.

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