Student Dashboard

Dive deep into a particular student’s data using the Student Dashboard.

An Admin will determine who has access to a Student Dashboard from the “Settings” page, visit the article “Student Dashboard Access” for more information. To access the student dashboard:

  1. Select “Students” from the left-side main menu.
  2. Search for the student.
  3. Select the info “i” to access that student’s Student Dashboard. The Student Dashboard will open in a new tab.

The Student Dashboard can also be accessed by selecting a students name on one of the reports where the student name is highlighted in blue.

Basic Navigation

Each section of the Student Dashboard can be expanded or collapsed using the arrows at the right. By default, the student information will be expanded when the dashboard loads.

  1. Student Information is displayed. Additional information will be displayed if the “More Information” link is selected.
  2. Summary Data for the areas Points, Interventions, and Referrals can be found even when the sections are collapsed.
  3. Expand All will expand all of the sections but you can use the arrows at the right to expand specific sections.
  4. The “PDF” button will print all of the information that is currently displayed on the screen.


Expanded Views

By selecting the arrow to the right of each header or by pressing the “Expand All” button you will be able to see detailed information on the following:

Points – Expanding Points will display the following data:  Year to Date point total, Grading Period points total, the student’s balance, a graph showing student progress on the student daily point goal for the last 30 days, point breakdown by expectation, and any comments that have been recorded when point were awarded.

Interventions – Expanding Interventions will reveal the following data: number of CICO plans, the average number days on a CICO plan, the last CICO check-in date, the percentage of the goal the student has met over the course of their current plan, a graph showing the goals for which the student has been awarded points, a table that allows access into viewing each CICO plan, current SEL Status with date of the last check, a graph showing the percent of SEL checks for each status given and a list of all SEL checks given to the student.

Referrals – Expanding Referrals will reveal the following year to date data: number of major referrals, number of minor referrals, number of in-session suspension days, number of out-of-session suspension days, 4 graphs displaying referral details and access to all individual referrals.


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