Student File Upload

Student File Upload

This is the section of the Launch Wizard where you will upload your student roster. You can add additional students throughout the academic year, but this will be your initial bulk upload. If you are syncing your student roster with your student information system, you can skip to the Syncing School Information article.

If you were using PBIS Rewards last year, you will only upload the new students.

You will need to format your student information like the example provided below.

IMPORTANT: The student upload must be in CSV format. Before you upload your file, use the “Save As” then select CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv) or “CSV (MS-DOS) (*.csv)” format to save as a CSV file. Click here for a PDF of instructions for creating a CSV file.

Student Upload Preview. An image of an excel sheet with data

File Specifications: see numbered image below

Required Columns

1.  “First Name” Enter student first names.

2. “Last Name” Enter student last names.

3. “Student ID” enter student identification numbers for each student in PBIS Rewards. If you already have badges, this number here should match the number used on your student badges to attempt scanning the barcodes or QR codes with the PBIS Rewards Apps.

Upload Codes for Grade levels. Gender & Ethnicity: non-required columns

4. “Grade” is a required field in PBIS Rewards so this column must contain data.

  • PK     Enter the letters PK for Pre-school students
  • 0        Enter the number zero for Kindergarten or Pre-Primary Year (Australia) students
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11,12   Enter a number 1-12 for students in grades 1st through 12th. Only enter numbers, no letters
  • 13      Enter the number 13 for PostGrad students (Coming soon!)
  • NA     Enter the letter NA for students not in a grade level

5. “Gender” is not a required field in PBIS Rewards so the Gender column may have blank cells. Cells with data must contain one of the following capital letters: M, F, X or N.

6. “Ethnicity” is not required field in PBIS Rewards so cells in the Ethnicity column may be blank. Cells with data must contain one of the following capital letters: A, B, H, N, W or O.

  • A     Enter the capital letter A for Asian / Pacific Islander
  •     Enter the capital letter B for Black or African American
  • H     Enter the capital letter H for Hispanic or Latino
  • N     Enter the capital letter N for Native American or American Indian
  • W     Enter the capital letter W for White or Caucasian
  • O     Enter the capital letter O for other or multiple

Before you upload your file, check to confirm your headers match the order in this example!

Need Help?
Feel free to forward the Launch Wizard link to someone who can provide you with your student information. This person could be your Data Specialist, IT Tech, District IT Manager, etc.
Not sure how to create a CSV file? Check this out: Creating a CSV File
Download a Template with file headers.
Contact the PBIS Rewards Support Team.

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