Syncing School Information

Syncing School Information

Many schools opt to sync their student and staff information with us through Clever or ClassLink/One Roster. If you are one of these schools, there are a few things to keep in mind throughout the summer months, as well as the first couple of weeks into the academic year.

PBIS Rewards will sync data with your district on a nightly basis, unless otherwise specified by your district.

Over the summer, many districts will choose to pause their data sync. When the district pauses the sync of data, we are unable to pull in student or staff information until they begin syncing again. In some cases, districts will choose not to start syncing until after their 10 day count.

Some districts will continue to sync with us throughout the summer, but it will be the previous year’s data. Like in the case above, we might not receive the current year’s data until after a 10 day count.

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