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This article provides an outline to use while teaching your staff about PBIS Rewards.

General Information



Demonstrate PBIS Rewards from the Web Portal

Demonstrate the PBIS Rewards Staff App

If you will be Using Parent and Student Access

General Information

You and your staff will be logging into a school named “Go Explore Playground.” Just like the name sounds, the playground allows you to “play around” using PBIS Rewards. You can practice awarding points, selling store items, creating events, writing referrals, etc. This tool may be used by other schools at the same time, so you might see changes that you did not make. Other schools will see what you write as well so please do not use any actual student information. “Go Explore Playground” information will be cleared periodically. If you did not purchase the Advanced Referral System add-on, simply skip this feature.

Warning! Any actual set-up will need to occur in your PBIS Rewards school.


  1. Many topics are explored in our videos. Check out our video index to see which might be useful for the training that you are planning.
  2. Print out a copy of the Go Explore Playground login information for each of the staff members. This PDF has sign-in information for the Web Portal and also explains how to download the Staff App and sign-in.
  3. Create a Group. The classroom teacher will often use the group feature when awarding points or selling items. If you don’t know how to create a group, learn how in the article “How Do I Create a Group?
  4. In your new group, generate a roster and print out several copies. To learn how read How Do I Print Out a QR Code Roster of my Class?
  5. Invite your staff to the training. Ask staff members to bring a laptop or tablet and a mobile device with the PBIS Rewards Smartphone Staff App downloaded to practice scanning the QR Codes.
  6. Create documentation of your expectations and behavior matrixes. For an editable document and an example, visit the article Implementing PBIS Rewards.
  7. Right before the demonstration, log in with the “Teacher” account using the login information printed in step 1. Email: Password: pbis or as an Admin if you will be covering Admin features. Email: Password: pbis
  8. If possible, be prepared to display your screen with a projector or on a Proboard.


Introduce PBIS Rewards to your staff with any or all of these videos: short demonstration, whiteboard video, and the introduction video.

Demonstrate PBIS Rewards from the Web Portal

After you have signed in, mention that you will be using our default expectations while demonstrating. Explain what your expectations will be and distribute behavior matrixes if you haven’t already.


  • Select the “Reward” tab from the left-side main menu.
  • Search for a student. You can type “ley” in the box and select one of the students from the drop down.
  • Select points to be awarded next to the expectations.
  • Type in a comment in the “Comment” field if you will be turning on this feature in your school.
  • Select “Reward” and the points and your comment will be recorded.

Groups Screen

  1. Select the tab “Groups” from the left-side main menu.
  2. Find the group that you have already created in the preparation step above.
  3. Select the group to enter it.

Demonstrate Awarding Points

In the group, you will be able to award by selecting the cards one at a time, a few at a time, or by using the “Select All Students” button. To unselect a student, click the card again.

1. Give points using the expectations. Model how you would like the affirmation of positive behavior to be expressed with high-frequency acknowledgment.
2. Check “Include comment” while awarding points if you will be turning on this feature in your school.

Demonstrate Using Points for Incentives

You will access the incentives in the upper left-hand corner. Select “Menu” and there will be a drop-down containing the following incentives. For detailed information for how the incentives are sold and a video, visit the article Incentives in the Group Screen. Demonstrate using the points for all of the features you will be using in your school. Explain the incentives that you plan to use.

1. “School Store” and “My Store”
2. “Raffles” and “My Raffles”
3. “Events” and “My Events”

Review the other group screen features. Visit the article Group Screen Features for an explanation of each feature.

  • “Referral” – create a referral
  • “Random” – use the selection feature
  • “Toggle Presence” – mark students that are not present
  • “Add Student” – search for a student to add them to the group
  • “Points Details” – view and print balances for all the students in the group

“Settings” in the upper right-hand corner of the group’s screen. Note that the “owner” of the group has more features than any other teacher. Non-owners will have “Options” and “Group Print.”

  • “Edit Group”
  • “Options”
  • “Group Print”
  • “Manage Point Sounds”

Title Bar Navigation

In the drop-down under your name

  • “My Info”
  • “My Photo”
  • “Sign Out”

“Announcements”– Messages from the system and Admins

“Help” – Connects to the Support Site

  • “Search” type in the search box to find information on any topic
  • “Guides” contains articles organized by categories
  • “FAQs” contains frequently asked questions
  • “Videos” has training videos for staff as well as videos to use with parents and students
  • “Learn” links to the “Explorer Series” where you can learn about important features and print a certification
  • “News” has the latest information on new releases and announcements about training opportunities like BootCamps.
  • “Chat” message with a support tech
  • “Get Support”
    • “Open a Support Ticket” – fill out the form and select “Submit Your Question”
    • “Contact Us” Give us a call 1-812-434-6685 Toll-free: 1-844-458-7247

Review the Function of the Left-side Main Menu Features

  • Select “My Activity” from the left-side main menu. This screen provides a summary of a day’s awarding of points and allows you to edit comments, if applicable.
  • Enter “Store” and then “My Store.” Demonstrate how to create a store item.
  • CICO Teacher- visit the article Teacher Check-In to learn how to perform the check-in. Note that you would need to start a plan as an Admin before you would be able to perform a check-in.
  • Announcements
  • Teacher Rewards – clicking “Teacher Rewards” will launch Workplace Rewards for Teachers in another tab. Post on “The Wall” and discuss your plans for using Teacher Rewards.
  • Reports – demonstrate the reports “Points Awarded by Student,” “Student Purchases,” and “Points/Referrals by Student.” Mention that most reports have filters. Visit the article Staff Reports Overview for a list of all the staff reports.
  • ID Badges – Will you be using ID Badges or other printed QR Codes? Show the teachers that they can print in many formats.
  • Login Auth Codes – Visit the “Login Authorization Code” center and discuss the auth codes that you will expect them to use. The “Student Auth Code” is often used as it allows the student more information about their account than the standard student access.

Demonstrate reaching the support site by selecting “Help” in the upper right-hand corner. Encourage your team to explore on their own when they have to opportunity using the Support Site. Videos and the Explorer Series are popular links here but you can use the search to find info on any topic. Chat and phone support are available during business hours. Support tickets can be created at any time.

Demonstrate the PBIS Rewards Staff App

Staff will use their own devices or school tables to explore the PBIS Rewards Staff App in this interactive portion of the training.

  1. Have staff sign-in to the PBIS Rewards Staff app using the printout.
  2. Demonstrate the PBIS Rewards Staff app. Once they have sign-in, users will access the main menu using the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper left-hand corner. Visit the article Staff App Overview to learn about each of the following features.
    1. Give points by scanning QR codes from the roster sheet.
    2. CICO check-ins can be done from the Staff App
    3. My Groups: Allows you to award points to your entire class or group.
    4. Show how to start a major referral and minor referral from the app.
    5. Practice selling items from the School Store and the My Store
    6. Visit the Redeem feature
    7. Register students for a Raffle or My Raffle
    8. Register student for an Event or My Event
    9. Visit Teacher Rewards
    10. Student App Auth Code allows you to give a student access to all of the features in the Student App and Student Portal. Select this menu item and then scan a badge or search for the student. The auth code will be generated to give to the student.

If you will be using Parent and Student Access:

  1. PBIS Rewards Parent app. For parents to access the app, you must send home PBIS Rewards Parent Letters or email them. The Parent Link guide has the information. Also, this Parent Video will help you inform parents and guardians about PBIS Rewards.
  2. PBIS Rewards Student Portal ( will allow a student to access information about their account using their school name, initials, and ID number. They will need an auth code for access to more information about their account.
  3. Student App: Use this Student Letter to inform your students about the Student App. You can also share one of the Student Support Videos to introduce the PBIS expectations that you’ll be using with PBIS Rewards.

Next Step: Implementing PBIS Rewards

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