Release 7.4 – SEL Checks

We are thrilled to bring our latest updates and features to PBIS Rewards. We have several ways for you to view the new content. If you would like to view a recorded webinar that walks you through the new features, that can be found below or you can simply scroll down to see the list with screenshots.

Must See Information:

SEL Check – Staff members can now check and track the social and emotional state of students on the web portal and the staff app. Checks can be done from the Reward page or the Groups page. See more detail on the SEL Check page of the explorer series. SEL is the intentional emphasis on teaching qualities like self-awareness, empathy, peaceful problem solving, and self-regulation, which over time help create consistent behavioral gains.

Even More Updates:

Fully customizable SEL settings – Admins will have the ability to adjust all of the options shown in the screenshot below including: category, emoji, color, and descriptions.

SEL Check reports – the SEL Check by Students and Staff reports will be found in the Interventions section of the reports page and will show the number of times each status was recorded, the top ten students that have the highest risk checks, the top ten students that have the longest time since the last check, and the percent of each status recorded.

Multiple Group Owners– groups/class can now have more than one staff owner. Multiple owner groups will have a “Group Leader” that will be displayed on the group card but all group owners will have the same access as well as the ability to edit the group.

Random Button on the App– staff now have the same ability, as the web portal, to choose a random student from inside a group.

Student ID  in Searches- the student ID has been added to all student searches on web portal.

Additional Data in Export- The referrals by student report CVS export now includes columns for Gender and Ethnicity.